Hadley & pups in need

Hadley's puppies learning to play!

Hadley & pups are in need of some more dry starter food and puppy pads, if you can help, you can order directly from amazon here: http://a.co/2KMCwCe You may have to select "gift registry address" upon checkout. Thank you!!!

Posted by Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project on Sunday, June 11, 2017

Plea for help and Princess Kate update

I hate to do this I hate it more than anything else. But in order to keep our rescue running and running well for the many dogs that we try to help I must. Right now we are in a bind because we owe all of our vets money. I am talking we owe most of them at least two or three thousand dollars. If everybody on our list could send $5 it would pay off all of our vet bills. We have so many awesome vets that help us along and love our dogs like we do but we must pay for these great Services somehow someway. Some of the dogs we don’t have a choice they have to be at the vet immediately after we get them sometimes it is critical in Saving Lives. Sometimes we are too late and then it is a mercy Mission but still we must pay for that service also when it becomes necessary. Our passion lies with the dogs , we care and love each and every single one and want to be able to offer it the best vet care and the most love that we can. Sometimes due to finances that becomes very hard as we can only run up the tab so high. So here I am begging and pleading, to save more lives, to change more lives. Will you please help us do that? One of our most used vets is Glade Valley and we owe them more than $4,000. They would be more than happy to have people call in to help us pay our bill and their phone number is 281-358-9070. They are lovely people who love our dogs as much as we do and do us and our dogs right every single time. We love all of our vets in our vets clinics. Each one has a passion for our dogs and our mission. Plead if you are able to help us with what you can so we may continue to use our vets and continue our mission of saving lives. God bless and thanks to everyone. Below is what we do best, but need help.

Princess Kate, 11/2016

princess before IMG_20170705_190613_01

Princess Kate, 03/2017

princess after IMG_20170705_190610_01

Dustin update

Update on little Dustin. He is about7 years old and way too Young to be blind AND deaf. Yes, he is our newest special pal and we will find him the perfect home. He had been neutered but not chipped. He only weighs 14 pounds and is not underweight. He is heartworm negative and we were quite happy with that bit of good news! He will have to have at least one eye removed because due to severe matting and feces it is very infected and he is on two different kind of eye drops. He also has a touch of mange and is getting special shampoo for all the irritated skin. He was so badly matted he is being shaved down today. He already must feel so much better. They believe him to be a Bischon and Maltese mix. Cant wait for him to be healthy and happy again. If you wish to join Team Dustin you may donate specifically to his ongoing medical care and his eye surgery on down the road. He will be going to medical foster tomorrow as he is still at the vet, but we need a permanent home soon so this poor neglected boy can settle in to his new life of love as there is no question he has been neglected for so very long.

dustin 18739230_1459270560820551_2946839411011440064_o