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There are so many ways you can volunteer your time:

– Field work (feeding, treating, educating residents, etc)
– Fundraising (events, garage sales, online auctions, etc)
– Foster co-coordinating
– Adoption co-coordinating (meet & greets, home visits, etc)
– Community outreach (block walking, educating residents, getting in touch with area businesses, etc)
– Group Coordinating/Donation Solicitation (Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Schools, Corporations)
– Transportation (animals from the field to vet’s office, foster home, or to-and-from spay/neuter appointments; donations/supplies from collection sites to storage)
– Volunteer recruiting
– Technical help (social media, graphics, newsletter, etc)
– Fostering!
– Bottle Babies

and more…

To get more information on how you can help fill out the application below.